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Discover more on a Riga Free Tour

Riga Free Walking Tours run daily for you to enjoy!

Free walking tours and bike tours in Riga daily 10:00, 12:00 & 15:00

The Old Riga Free Walking Tour is the perfect way to learn about the foundation history of Riga. A great introduction for first time visitors and return guests! Come along to hear legends, tales, history and much more besides.

1hr 45min Daily 10:00

Fri & Sun 15:00 Language: English

Meets at the entrance St Peters Church

If you want to escape the tourist center of Riga to discover the real city, join the Market & Moscow district tour. Visit areas out of Old Riga, Riga Central Market, The Moscow District, Science Academy, wooden architecture and Jewish ghetto.

2hr 30min duration  12:00 Daily

Language: English

Meets at the entrance St Peters Church

Riga is famous for its art nouveau architecture. Boasting one of the Worlds largest collections on this tour we aim to help you to discover, why Riga has so many buildings in this style and what was happening here at the turn of the 20th Century

2hr duration  12:00  Saturdays

Language: English

Meets at the steps of National Opera

Explore Riga on bicycle. Escape the tourists and go deeper into a city that is rarely seen by others. The Riga Bike tour will show you more in one tour than all the free walks put together. This is a great option for people who want to see the Real Riga!

2hr 45min duration  15:00 

Language: English

30 Euro per person

Booking essential, Bike included



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Riga Free Tour is a proud local and independent free tour provider. We have been running our free tours in Riga since 2008


We are thrilled to support our independent, international partners as a member of the Free Tour Community. Check out the link to find more of the best free tours around the World.  



Our free tours are designed to give visitors to Riga a better sense of understating the people of the city. Through history we can explain the present trends, social aspects, cultural and linguistic characteristics that make up this multicultural and multifaceted city. Our team of guides come from a wide range of academic and social backgrounds.  One thing they all share in common...... Their love for Riga.  

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