Daily Free Riga walking tours at 10:00, 12:00 & 15:00

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Historical centre

Starts at St. Peter's Church



Moscow district & central Riga

Starts at St. Peter's Chruch



Quiet Centre and Art Nouveau quarter

Meet at the National Opera

Old Riga Free Tour, Alternative Riga Free Tour and Art Nouveau Riga Free Tour running daily!


Riga Free Tour was designed to change your perspective of Riga and Latvia! You will have the chance to hear more than most visitors do during their stay and get a little inside knowledge on what to see and do in Riga.  With so much to see, we offer 2 different Riga Free Tours daily so you can get the most out of your time in the city.

Look for the guide with the .......


10am & 12noon Riga Free Tour Starts at The entrance to St. Peter's Church

10am and 12noon Free walking tours start at the entrance to St. Peter's Church. That is by the Big main doors! Look for the guide with a yellow suitcase!

3pm Riga Art Nouveau tours start at the steps of The Latvian National Opera

CLOSED UNTIL 1st May - Sept 30 at 3pm we meet at the Steps to the Latvian National Opera

Our bike tours start at our bike shop located at Riga Explorers Club - Click HERE for the map to join bike tours!


Why choose a Riga free walking tour over a paid private tour?


Simply put, free tours are like street performances. You can see musicians, artists, magicians all over the streets of Europe and very often these are some of the most memorable experiences of a city that one can enjoy. Free tour guides mix passion and knowledge into their tours. They are driven by a desire to create a top quality tour for the audience to enjoy, just a like a street performer will play their heart out for their audience. We are not saying paid tours are bad, in fact we also offer private tours, should you wish to not join a larger sized group and have a top quality guide, all to yourself! Ultimately, the choice is yours. We hope you enjoy one of our tours soon! 

About us


The Riga Free Tour project started as a result of the economic crisis. A way for young, enthusiastic, Riga minded people to be active, practice English, learn leadership skills and be involved in a positive project rather than looking at the lack of opportunities that was presented after the crisis. Times were very hard for the people of Latvia during this period, thousands of people left the country and the effects of the 2008 crisis can still be seen today. Riga Free Tour has been a platform to help people build a career. Become licensed self employed guides and have confidence in the future. 


Things have come a long way from just one tour a day with only one guide per group, to a number of routes and a full team of guides ready and waiting for you all year round. We have also seen changes in the city, where now all guides by law need to be licensed and accredited. All Riga Free Tour guides have been accredited and are licensed by the city or Riga. 


With the popular rise of free tours across Europe we have seen big changes with you the customers too. Your numbers are increasing and so is our number of guides awaiting you. Please remember that you should contact us in advance of you are more than 8 people showing up to join one of the public tours! 


Keep an eye on what Riga Free Tour has to offer. We will be soon releasing more themed routes for you to enjoy! Thanks for taking the time to read about us. The Riga Free Tour team.


If you wish to become a guide - you will need a guiding license for Riga and a great personality and live for the city!

This is tourism with a difference. Discover Riga from a local perspective on a free walking tour to remember. Catch up on history and culture, while being led by guides passionate about the present and the future of Riga, Latvia. Our Old Riga Free Tour is led on foot to show you the classical  Riga Old Town, whereas the Alternative Riga Free tour shows less visited places. Read more about these tours below.


Moreover, our paid daily bike tours allow you to discover the Moscow District, the former Jewish Ghetto, Art Nouveau areas and Kipsala island. These we offer at 12:00 and 15:00 in Peak season (May - September). Ask our guides for more info.

Riga free walking tours - Small groups up to 6 no need to book!

Join us all year round on one of our Riga Free Walking Tours. Running daily rain or shine! (no tours on 25TH December & 1st of January) 


You can just show up at the meeting point at St. Peter's Church at 10:00 or 12:00 to take part in one of the free walking tours. Look for the guide with the yellow suitcase!


If you are a group less than 6 people then there is no need to sign up or book, we supply more guides in busy periods, just show up on time! If you see elsewhere on line a place to book your space on our tours, please note, that we prefer you contact us directly, rather than through a sales website.-

Need a Taxi to reach the tour? Click on this link for a discount on rides in Riga.

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