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Explore the historical heart of Old Riga
10:00 & 15:00 Daily  

Meeting point: Entrance to St Peter's Church. Ends close to start point
1 hour 45 mins duration.

The Old Riga Free Walking Tour is a great way to discover the classical sights of Riga and learn about the rich history of this magnificent city, dating back to its foundation in 1201. We not only visit the main sites that Old Riga has to offer but also lead you to areas of the Old Town usually ignored or missed by traditional tours.


As always, our entertaining guides will be on hand to bring you through the numerous centuries and layers of history. Yet we aim to also inform you about what the Old Town is like for residents today. Who lives here now? What is the function of the historical centre in a contemporary context?

What will you see on The Old Riga Free Walking Tour?


Included on this tour are some of the main objects to be found in Old Riga, such as St Peter's Church, The Town Hall square, The House of The Blackheads, The Dome Square and Cathedral, Powder Tower, The Swedish Gate and much more! Old Riga is a charming area of this great city and a must see for all visiting for the first time.

This tour is quite easy going in physical terms. With less than 2 hrs of mild walking this tour allows most people to enjoy the route. We do advise good shoes and appropriate clothing in bad weather. Old Riga has cobble stone streets and you should be prepared for uneven terrain. If you are worried about mobility through the old city please contact us for a private group option.

If you wish to join the 12:00 Alternative tour to discover the Market and Moscow district straight after the 10:00 Old Town tour it is possible! The end point and start point are designed to allow this :) Just let your guide know.

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