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Discover Riga with a private walking tour for you and your group! 
Our walking tour themes of different districts within Riga are perfect to get to know the city

Just contact us for more info and we will get right back to you! 

Riga is big in fact there ​is much more to the city than just the historic centre. If you wish to have a private guide from 1 - 20 people we offer this as a fixed price tour for 120 euro per group. 

  • Old Riga, Parks and Art Nouveau

  • Moscow District, Jewish ghetto and Central Riga

  • Pardaugava un explored city across the river

  • Central Riga and beyond

All of our routes are flexible and we have decades of experience showing people around Riga and its surroundings on foot. We are sure we can develop a route to suit your groups ability and needs. 

If you are visiting by cruise ship and just wish to explore as much as possible within a short tome this may be a great opportunity to avoid the over priced cruise tours on offer. Feel free to ask on your ship to make a group so it can be more affordable for you all. 

Student groups visiting Riga. This is perfect for you. A private walking tour guide in Riga, Its the best option to see more of Riga at a great price whilst having the freedom to choose when you start and which theme works best for your visit.

Families, friends and couples. Maybe you just wish to enjoy a private tour and this is by far the best way to get a lot out of your visit. Our guides are flexible with areas of interest so make sure to give us an indication of what your are interested in so we can match you to the best suited guide. 

Prices for private walking tours in Riga are shown below. If you have more than 20 people we advise more than one guide. 

  • 1 - 20 participant – 120 € per group

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Walking tour of Riga
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