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 Uncover the magic of Riga's most famous architecture 

Sat 12:00 Oct - Mar 15:00 April - Sept

Meeting point: Steps of Latvian National Opera.

Ends Alberta street

1 hour 45 mins duration.

Riga is home to one of Europe's largest collections of Art Nouveau architecture. Join us to discover this magical style on our Art Nouveau free walking tour. A must do tour for all those interested in the Art Nouveau movement, its arts and architecture. 

This is a tour dedicated to all things Art Nouveau in Riga and focusing on the period of the early 1900s, leading up to the end of the Russian Empire. A great way to see more, learn about art styles and trends of the early 20th Century and discover Riga’s magical Art Nouveau architecture. Discover the main streets of Riga best known for Art Nouveau architecture, such as Alberta iela and Elizabetes iela, as well as streets and areas less visited and frequently missed by visitors. With literally hundreds of buildings in the style across Riga we offer you to see how the movement adapted to the Northern tastes of Riga, how it evolved and where it lead too.

What will you see on The Riga Art Nouveau Free Tour? We aim to show how the style in Riga developed from 1899 all the way through to the First World War and how elements such as National Romanticism intertwined into Art Nouveau and how Riga flourished creatively at the end of the Russian Empire.

Riga Art Nouveau
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