Riga free tour and Bike tours meeting points. Make sure you are going to the right place!

10:00 Old Riga and 12:00 Alternative free tours meet at the entrance to St Peters Church, 15:00 Art Nouveau meets at National Opera. Scroll down for Bike Tour info

Old Riga and Alternative free tours map

Art Nouveau Free Tour

How to recognise your free walking tour guide?

Look for the guide with the yellow suitcase. See you soon.

yellow suitcase

Riga Bike Tour meeting point @ Crumble cake cafe.

We have decided to relaunch our tours from July 1st 2021 after a break during the Covid Pandemic. Please be aware that we reserve the right to cancel, change or alter our services during these times. This may be according to any new restrictions, rules that may come into force or for reasons we see fit to do so.

We do hope you understand that things have changed a little but we are looking forward to showing you the city of Riga once again!


Do not forget to keep your distance, wash hands, wear masks where required and enjoy yourself!