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New years eve in Riga 2023/2024

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Riga winter market
The Christmas Market in Riga will run throughout New Years Eve

Riga will celebrate just like the rest of the World this coming New years eve with parties and public spaces coming to life with crowds of locals and visitors all eager to say good bye to 2023 and hello to a brighter 2024.

Typically around the area of the Freedom monument, Dome Square and Old Riga you will find revellers and people milling around waiting for midnight. In previous years there were large firework displays but it seems this year there will not be such extravagant explosions of tax payers money.

Riga Free Tours during New Years Eve period

Our tours are running on the usual schedule for the 31st December but on 1st january we will be hosting just one Old Town tour at 12:0. Make sure to sign up to your free walking tour in Riga.

What is on in Riga during New Years Eve?

There will be some events in Dome square hosted by a local Radio DJ and we are sure no matter where you go or how you do it that you will find some cozy space or crazy locals to spend some time with celebrating the end of the year.

Some local events in Riga this New years eve that have caught our eye are listed below. None of these are super touristy, all are quiet on the fringe of Rigan society but a good mix from Rock to Rave, Jazz to Indie. Follow the links to see the Facebook events pages

Depo Klubs - Alternative Rock Punk and Indie party

Riga rooftops
New Years Eve is a great time top explore Riga

What will be open / closed during the New years in Riga?

Although there will be many early closing hours and the general public being absent from the streets and stores, you will have no trouble finding shops and bars open around touristic areas. Just be aware that if you need supplies for you own New years party in Riga around 10pm will be the latest in most cases you can do so.

Will I need reservations for venues and restaurants during the celebrations?

This really depends on the venue but for the top locations you need to check in advance and get any tables or tickets arranged before hand, There has always been open door venues in Riga that will have a desire to capitalise on your hard earned cash but if you have a specific restaurant or bar in mind, check in advance

How can we get around on New years eve?

Public transport will operate on a specific holiday schedule, so trams and buses etc are useful to move around the city but taxis are also a good option. To be safe use an app rather than picking up taxis off the street. Bolt is a good app to do this.

However you enjoy yourselves this New years eve make sure ti stay safe and have fun!

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