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Second hand bikes in Riga

Updated: Mar 27

We are often asked where to buy a good affordable second hand bike in Riga and apart from the usual facebook market places and where you can often find a good bargain we also recommend an amazing bike shop, that not only has their own brand of bikes - Erenpreiss but also repairs, rebuilds and sells a wide range of high quality second hand bikes from classic to e-bike. Of course maybe you just want to join a bike tour in Riga feel free to join onto one of ours.

riga bikes
Bikes in Riga are the best way to get around

Where to buy a Second hand bike in Riga?

I was just in the very place to buy a second hand bike i Riga today to pick up a bike repair from my own bike. I was also on the look out for a cargo bike for acquaintance of mine and low and behold they have 2 options. It is the kind of shop where you can ask questions, get advise and guidance on how to buy a bike for your own needs within Riga.

The range of second hand bikes varies at this store but they specialise in bikes ideal for city use and are all fully restored to a like new condition for the components. Their own brand bikes are also really well produced and assembled, you will definetly buy a bike with a long life if well maintained which is what it is all about. Maintain the bike, replace the components and keep the frame rolling for years to come. Many of the pre war Ereinpreiss bikes still around today are restored and used as they ince were nearly a century ago

There is a chance that you will find the perfect new or second hand bike for a good price at their store located at the following address:

Aleksandra Čaka iela 90A, Sētā - courtyard, Rīga, LV-1011

They are located in the yard just off the street next to the beautoful Ziedondārzs parks - Find out about Parks in Riga here

So who are Erenpreiss bkes? Erenpreiss is a bicycle brand with a fascinating history rooted in Latvia.

bike factory riga
Erenpreiss Bike factory in Riga

Erenpreiss was founded in Riga, Latvia, in the early 20th century by Gustavs Erenpreiss, a talented engineer and entrepreneur. The company quickly gained recognition for producing high-quality bicycles known for their durability and craftsmanship.

During the interwar period, Erenpreiss bicycles became increasingly popular not only in Latvia but also across Europe. The company's commitment to excellence in design and construction earned it a reputation as one of the leading bicycle manufacturers of the time.

The onset of World War II and subsequent Soviet occupation of Latvia brought significant challenges to Erenpreiss. Production was severely disrupted, and the company struggled to survive under the constraints of Soviet economic policies. However, despite these difficulties, Erenpreiss managed to continue producing bicycles, albeit on a smaller scale.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union and Latvia's regained independence in the early 1990s, Erenpreiss experienced a revival. The company tapped into its rich heritage and reestablished itself as a premier bicycle brand, focusing on both traditional craftsmanship and modern design.

In the 21st century, Erenpreiss has continued to thrive as a niche brand known for its handcrafted bicycles that blend classic aesthetics with contemporary technology. The company has expanded its product line to include a range of models suited for various riding styles, from city commuting to touring and off-road adventures.

Erenpreiss bicycles are celebrated not only for their quality and performance but also for their cultural significance. The brand represents Latvia's enduring craftsmanship and entrepreneurial spirit, embodying a legacy that stretches back over a century.

Today, Erenpreiss remains a symbol of pride for Latvia, with its bicycles prized by enthusiasts and riders around the world who appreciate the brand's commitment to excellence and tradition.

Riga bike in city
Wishing Erenpeiss a long future with their new models of bikes

Where to fix a bike in Riga?

Erenpreiss workshop is our partner repair shop that we recommend to all who ask but we also would like to point towards Trase and Bruklene as central Riga shops that are fully capable to get the job done. You should be aware that spring and summer times bike workshops get really busy so fix in winter times folks! There is also the DIY bike fixing unit down in Lastādija.

What ever you choose, ride safe, have fun and buy a lock to keep your bike safe.

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