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Riga Valentine's day - Love is in the air

Updated: Feb 13

Find out what to do on the most romantic day of the year

Riga valentines walk along canal.
Take a romantic walk around Riga this Valentines day

It is that time of year again when the World celebrates love, romance and partnership. What is going on in Riga this Valentine's day? And how can you make the most out of the romantic city of Riga. Read along to hear some ideas and tips on what to do in Riga this Valentines day.

Latvia, like many other countries, celebrates Valentine's Day on February 14th. While the celebration of Valentine's Day is not deeply rooted in traditional Latvian customs, it has gained popularity over the years as a day to express love and affection. Throughout Riga you will find some light attention brought to the date but nothing too in your face or tacky. generally Latvians are quite reserved people.

Roses in Riga
Get in the mood this Valentines day in Riga

Events taking place in Riga this Valentine's day are listed below

The links all go to the facebook pages and these are all local events for those who want to get under the skin of Riga.

The Night of Broken Hearts at Nemiers - Edgy location outside of Old Riga with DJ sets and live performance from Keitija Bārbale

Something off the radar and experimental at 1983 - On the edge of the centre located next to Nurme brewery. Cool space.

Event at Atmoda cultural space - Sure to be a local crowd if you want to get to know what ticks in the city

Depo subculture book launch - Underground legendary spot Depo has an event with Grunge and Punk on the line up. Get swifty.

Chips and Dill at the Small Guild - Should be an interesting option in Old towns famous Small Guild.

Stay in one of the top hotels in Riga!

First and foremost, elevate your experience by selecting accommodation from one of Riga's top-tier hotels. Picture a haven of luxury and comfort where you and your beloved can bask in opulence, creating the perfect setting for a romantic getaway. The Kempinski hotel is by far the top end place to be these day but Neiburgs hotel is definitely one of our favourites for a romantic getaway.

Riga Valentine's day must: Dine in a high end restaurant or enjoy a nice cake together!

Delight your taste buds by dining in one of Riga's high-end restaurants. Explore the culinary wonders the city has to offer, from exquisite local dishes to international delicacies. Riga has many fine dining options from Michelin star restaurants to some really nice cafes to enjoy. We recommend you check out places like 3 Chefs, Crumble cake cafe, Tails and why not have a nice cocktail in Bāka.

Hit the Spa and steam yourself into relaxation!

For a truly indulgent escape, immerse yourself in a spa day that promises relaxation and rejuvenation. Let the soothing ambiance and expert treatments wash away the stresses of daily life, leaving you both refreshed and ready to revel in each other's company. Our go to Spa is ESPA but a number exist around Riga, just have a google to see which ones still have place!

Enjoy a Romantic stroll in the historic heart of Riga!

Embark on a romantic stroll through the historic heart of Riga. The cobbled streets, medieval architecture, and charming ambiance create a magical backdrop for an intimate exploration. Discover hidden gems, relish in the city's history, and create lasting memories hand in hand with your loved one. To make the most out of this join one of Free walking tours in Riga.

Escape to the countryside to try some Glamping!

If you're yearning for a more unconventional retreat, consider venturing to the countryside for a taste of glamping – glamorous camping. Surrounded by nature's beauty, escape the hustle and bustle as you cozy up under the stars in a luxurious tent, creating a unique and memorable Valentine's Day experience. Latvia has a number of cool locations tucked way out in the nature that you can cozy up in, check online to see whats available.

Take your lover shopping!

For those who find joy in retail therapy, take your lover on a shopping spree through Riga's vibrant markets and boutique stores. Whether it's fashionable finds, unique trinkets, or delectable treats, the city's offerings are sure to cater to every whim and desire.

Events around Riga on Valentine's day

In the heart of Riga, this Valentine's Day promises to be an enchanting blend of luxury, gastronomic delights, relaxation, exploration, and, most importantly, the celebration of love. Embrace the magic of this romantic city and create memories that will linger in your hearts for years to come. See what is going on by searching for Facebook events on the dates of your stay. This is the best way to see a wide range of opportunities for your visit.

What ever you do lovers! Enjoy

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