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Riga Bike Tours are back

Time to cycle into the past on a Riga bike tour

Our famous bike tours of Riga are back starting the first week of May 2023 for you to explore Riga on 2 wheels! Riga is a big city, we mean Big! And there is often so much to see that we feel cannot be explored on foot. All of our walking tours are designed to cover areas of inner Riga but on a bike tour we have more freedom to escape the heart of tourism and see the less discovered.

By far the best way to see Riga is by bicycle. Join us on a Riga bike tour to see much more than the average tourist gets to see. We have calculated that by bike you can see upto 5 times the area of Riga than on a regular walking tour. This allows you to see the corners of Riga that many miss out on.

Through parks and green ways, along rivers and open spaces. Discover districts full of wooden houses rarely visited and learn about the inhabitants of Riga beyond the classical touristic centre. With so much to explore it makes sense to use a transport means such a bicycle.

So why is Riga so good for cycling? It is a flat city that makes it a lot easier to roll around. And we have an extensive bike lane network that we try to utilise on the tours as much as possible. With these 2 factors it makes Riga a good city to make a bike tour in but we do add caution. You need to be used to urban cycling to join our tours. There are many cases in Riga where bicycle culture is still developing and this means as a cyclist in the city you need to be as ready for the unexpected as possible. Common sense and confidence is what is most needed.

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