Riga 2021 - The year of optimism with Free Tour Community

With the dark days behind us now and spring just a round the corner, winter in Riga gives us the chance to reflect and look forward towards the coming of seasonal changes and new life into the new year.

At Riga Free Tour, we are really hoping for some new opportunities to begin our Free Tours in Riga and to bring some new life into our services as well!

During the past months we have been fortunate enough to get involved into a new, community led project, the FREE TOUR COMMUNITY The idea is simple, we and many independent small Free Tour providers have come together to carefully hand pick the best Free Tours across Europe, giving us a platform to promote our services world wide without the heavy fees imposed by some of the larger global free tour booking sites.

Help small local providers not Big multinational booking agents!

We discovered from our clients that many of you who book through the Big named generic Free Tour websites did not know that these sites 1. Do not run any tours themselves and 2. Charge large fees (sometimes to the highest bidder) for you to book a place on a free tour!

Why would they take a fee for a free tour? Well, they spend a lot of money on web ads to catch you before you find the local provider online, to do this they need a big budget.... As they expand the local providers are essentially paying someone else to ensure they get customers but at the same time also paying a huge company that will do its very best to suppress the local operator.

With this in mind FREE TOUR COMMUNITY was born to help travellers find local providers and book directly, without the locals having to pay a large fee to. We do hope that you will use this service and stay away from the booking sites that list all the local providers in one place. They are making huge profits at the same time as forcing the little guys to participate. Ultimately its all about who can pay Google the highest bid for a 'click'.

Check out the Free Tour Community and make sure to add it to your bookmarks!

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