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Old Riga free tours

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Beautiful streets of Old Riga await you on a free walking tour to remember.

Old Riga free tour
Riga is a magical city with charm and rich history

Currently we will offer daily Old Riga Free Tours at 10:00 & 15:00 Monday - Sunday 7 days a week! We do offer other seasonal start times throughout the year so always check our list of scheduled free tours in Riga.

We meet at the entrance to St Peter's Church. It helps us if you book your free tours in Riga so we know how many guides we need to be.

You are welcome to come along and join us to discover the historical centre of Riga on an entertaining 1hr 45 mins tour of the city. Tours are conducted by licensed English speaking local tour guides.

Learn all about Old Riga from its foundation in 1201 right the way to the present day. Find out about the history of Riga before it was settled by the Crusaders as well as all the many empires and kingdoms who took their turns in ruling over the great city of Riga.

What are some of the objects in Old Riga we will visit?

  • St Peter' Church

  • St John's Church

  • Peitavas Street Synagogue

  • House of Blackheads

  • Riga Town Hall sqaure

  • Riga Sherlock Holmes street

  • Dome Square

  • 3 Brothers

  • Latvian Parliament

  • Swedish Gate

  • Powder Tower

  • Cat House

  • Liv Square

Old Riga streets
Beautiful streets of old Riga

Each of our guides will have a slightly different route so the locations above are a guideline to what we may cover on one of the walking tours of Old Riga.

The Old town of Riga has a lot of public spaces that can be used throughout the year for filming, marathons, construction, markets, festivals etc. This means that sometimes we need to be flexible with the routes and we do the best with what have.

As much as our guides are full of interesting historical facts we deliver the tours with the following themes

  • Historical foundations of Riga to the present day

  • Current Geo Politics and local affairs

  • Where to eat and drink in Riga

  • Which districts to explore on your own

  • Local economy and standard of living

  • Places to visit out side of Riga

Think if us as human search engines. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have and we will do our best to answer you :)

Our aim is to give you a broad history of Riga on the tour. We try to deliver the tours in an entertaining way

Riga free walking tour
Old Riga streets

You are sure to be entertained and given an insight into the somewhat traumatic but colourful past that Old Riga has to offer.

What to wear on our Free walking tours of Riga?

During the summer months you may need an umbrella as well as suncream and water! You should always wear good shoes for the cobblestones in old Riga and in the winter months you need to wear good solid suitable footwear. You will need thermal clothing also in the coldest days, as well as to be prepared for wet/snowy weather.

Riga in the winter
Riga in the winter is magical
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