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Best of Riga

You have a short trip to the capital of Latvia. So what is the best way to spend your time in Riga? Of course this depends on each and every one of you as we all have different ways to make the most of our time on holidays.

We are always being asked what is the best way to spend time, best places to eat and so on and so in this post we will try to give you some ideas of what you can do on a short trip with just 3 full days in Riga.

Day 1

  • Wake up early and head to the Best Bakery in Riga - "Mārtiņa Beķereja" on Vaļņu iela 28, Old Riga

  • Join the 10:00 Riga free walking tour of Old Riga to get your bearings and hear the history of the city

  • Try the best business lunch in Riga at the Neigburgs Hotel, Menu here

  • Hop on a train after lunch and head to the beach town of Jurmala, probably you will want the stop ''Majori' and tickets can be bought at Riga Central Train station

  • Return to Riga and feast at the "Ala" folk club and enjoy the atmosphere of the bar

Day 2

  • After a night of the best local beer and food you probably wake up a little later today

  • Join the 12:00 Alternative Riga free walking tour and discover the market area and Moscow district

  • Try Lunch at one of the many Lido restaurants - some say the best bistro food in Riga

  • Afternoon at a museums - Riga has some of the best museums in the region, from art to history, take your pic!

  • Head up for dinner in Central Riga, leave the old town and discover where locals head out for fun. Why not visit "Gauja" on Stabu iela 32, After here look out for some of the local micro breweries in the city. There are plenty

Day 3

  • Time to explore the Art Nouveau quarter of Riga. We also offer the Riga Art Nouveau free tour on weekends

  • Maybe for lunch its time for the best burger in Riga

  • Riga is great for a lazy afternoon so you can buy your souvenirs, drink a coffee and head to the airport!

This is just an exmaple and of course may of your will know how to best manage your time in Riga. One thing we feel is Riga is best enjoyed slowly. No need to rush it.

Best things to do in Riga

  • Visit the viewing platforms of St Peter's or Science Academy

  • Taste the best local cuisine at Riga Central Market

  • Take a tour at the KGB museum - Booking needed

  • Explore Riga's best beers through the may Micro breweries

  • Visit the unseen Riga in areas like Bolderaja - bus nr 3.

  • Stay away from Old Town once you have seen it! Yes Riga is big and the best stuff is found away from the tourists

  • Visit Agenskalns Market and enjoy the vibes across the river

  • Take a train to some far off place! Yup this is often the best way to discover Latvia beyond Riga!

  • Take a tram to Meža Parks and visit the woods and lake

We are sure there are more things to see and do in Riga but to get you started this list should encourage you to do some research, have some fun exploring and find out what is out there. Riga really has a lot to offer and the best is yet to come.

If you have any ideas on what is the best of Riga and you want us to include it here in this post just message us and we will happily include your suggestion.Nothing suits everyone so its great to hear other peoples ideas and views on what Riga can offer.

One thing is for certain, Riga is changing and growing all the time, many places close and many new places open but it is often the longest running establishments that really showcase the best a city has to offer and Riga is no exception.

Happy travels!

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