The best burger in Riga

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Many of us love a big juicy burger when we travel around the World but where in Riga is the best burger to be found when visiting Latvia? We are not talking about your usual fast food chains you will find in any city around the world but we want to dive deep into the local goodness that is Riga's Burger culture.

Where is the best burger in Riga located?
Riga Free Tour goes exploring to find the best burger in Riga

The burger in Latvia is something rather new that arrived after the end of the Soviet era: a herald of the approaching Capitalism. The first McDonalds opened in 1994 here in Riga and for a long time the standard flat American patty was a staple that local people believed was the cream of the crop of burger culture. Thankfully this view is changing and now there are many locations across Riga where you can sink your teeth in to real food! Local meats, high quality products and most of all, great taste! After all lets face it, how can a good burger cost only 1 euro, something does not add up!

Street Burgers

Established back in 2012, Street Burgers has a number of locations across Riga and is a popular place for the middle class Latvian society. Slick design, a good product , some real beef and a break away from the MsDonald's and Hesburger's that dominated the Burger World of Latvia. This approach separated Street Burgers from the rest of what the market had to offer. Here came a fresh take on what meat in bread should be and Street Burgers completely turned this well known junk food on its head, using good quality meats, buns and style.

Ultimately a burger is a burger and it is hard to get them wrong if you have the right ingredients and this is where Street Burgers consistency keeps them way above many of the other Burger joints out there. We like them and that’s what counts. A wide range of choices and reasonably affordable for the quality.


A specialist meat producer in Latvia, Hereford has a wide range of beef products, from burgers to steaks, pate to prime cuts and all you need to make a feast at home or to eat a burger at the shop. 100% organic product that is farmed in Lubana is said to be some of the best beef available in the Baltics.

The burgers they offer at their location are juicy, fresh and kept nice and snug in high quality buns. This cool little location has a nice vibe, great attitude and beer flows well with the juicy burgers they offer. It is very popular among the expats of Riga who are often left without the creature comforts of home and who know what they want when it comes to prime beef and a more traditional approach to meat and meat production. Give Hereford a try and see what you think.

Where ever you find your best burger experience in Riga make sure you look for Latvian / Baltic raised meats and local brands. Latvia and the Baltics has seen many local businesses over shadowed by multi national companies, so keep it local and enjoy your burgers when travelling around!

Below we added a nice retro video of the McDonalds opening back in the 1994 here in Riga. A blast from the past! Keep a look out for the lady selling 'Belaši' to the crowd. Belaši is the meat filled 'donut' type food that was popular before the arrival of Western fast food trends.

Please get in touch with us if you feel that we have missed the best burger in Riga. We are always on the hunt for good new places to recommend our clients and visitors to Riga. Get in touch or leave a comment in the post if your recommendation could be of use to others!

Stay safe and have a great meal!


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