Riga airport Taxi



To and from Riga airport

Riga Airport (Lidosta Rīga in Latvian) is well located in Riga. There are many Taxis operating the tourist arrivals but beware who you ride with. Below we give you some tips and some free credit to ride with!

Riga airport to the city by taxi

We have an offer below to get you a discount off of your Taxi ride from the airport! In Latvia there is a company called Bolt that offers good, affordable rides similar to Uber. Simply download the app and chose your destination and pick up point and off you go! Use my invite code,  GK7TU  , and get a discount on a  Bolt ride.

At the airport the drivers come to the drop off point by main entrance upstairs. many drivers will have basic English skills to help you get by and these are by far the best way to get around town. We feel this is the best way for you to reach your destination.

Another option at the airport is to use one of the over priced and sometimes unfair when charging Taxis that await you on the Taxi rank. In recent times many of our customers have been overcharged and misled so we really feel that enough is enough with these people and Bolt offers secure rides, driver reviews and very competitive rates. You can even ride in a Comfort class vehicle if you so choose.