Travel restrictions for some visitors to Latvia will be eased from June 16th 2021.

It has been published by the news portal LSM, that from 16th June 2021 travel restrictions for guests to Latvia will be allowed from certain destinations, under set conditions, without the need to self isolate or without essential reason for the visit to be made. In short terms this means a partial reopening of tourism into Riga, Latvia.

Here is the information published in the link regarding Entry to Latvia during the Pandemic from 16th June 2021

As far as we can make out if you are vaccinated, or have proof of recent recovery of Covid you could be entitled to entry to Latvia (depending on where you are coming from) without the need to isolate or have a negative PCR test on arrival. This is great news for anyone planning a short trip to Riga and is a game changer for the European tourism industry.

On first appearances the new rules will allow vaccinated visitors some easier passage into Latvia, unless entering from countries deemed 'High risk'. Even for non vaccinated visitors there appears to be non essential travel permitted, in terms of entry from certain countries but PCR tests would still be required as will isolation where specified.

Below you can see a link to the Latvia Transport Ministries table that highlights the new information. Please be aware this information is current as of 16th June 2021 but may change at any given time. Make sure to check yourself for current restrictions.

Just to clarify this news is extremely current and such restrictions can always turn around rather quickly, we therefore recommend you to do your own research to ensure you fit the criteria for a fuss free trip. Read more info on Travelling during Corona pandemic from the Latvian transport ministry

We take no responsibility for your travel plans, you must check with the correct authorities on your individual circumstances and make sure to DOUBLE CHECK!

This seems to be a move towards some form of opening up. Perhaps it is just a trial run and we will see in some months what this really means in terms of opening up Riga to international tourism again! We ask if you do wish to join one of our tours to follow all current guidelines, to book your space in advance to ensure that we know exactly how many people are planning to join the tours and to make cancelations if you cannot join.

It has been a long, long time since there is some sense of normality. Let us all tread carefully and be prepared that things may change. Take care and happy travelling.

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