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Riga to Sigulda day trip

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

For many visitors, Riga is the only destination in Latvia that they will explore during their stay. Yet Latvia has so many cool day trips that one can enjoy by taking advantage of the vast amount of public transport that is on offer. A day trip to Sigulda to Riga is a great example!

One of the most popular destinations and amongst locals and tourists alike is Sigulda, often referred to as the Switzerland of the Baltics... Well that's a bit of an exaggeration if you ask us and a little offensive to the Swiss who come to visit us ;)

Why visit Sigulda?

Located in the Gauja national park, Sigulda is famed for its natural beauty, history, hiking trails and proximity to Riga. All this make Sigulda perfect for day trips away from the city. If you want a mixture of outdoor activities or maybe you just want to take in the breathtaking views and enjoy the peace of nature that Sigulda has to offer do not hesitate to head away from Riga for a day to remember.

There are many main sights and activities to sink your teeth into but you should do you own research and see what else Sigulda has to offer as there is so many cool things such as barely walked trails, hill stairs, adrenaline packed attractions, preserved medieval castles, manors and ancient hill forts to enjoy.

When to visit Sigulda?

The most well known and celebrated time to visit Sigulda is in the autumn, when the golden tree canopies fill the Gauja valley with vibrant colours that will really take your breath away. This being said all season have something to offer and you can enjoy snowy hikes, spring picnics or summer kayaking trips down the Gauja river.

What to do in Sigulda?

  1. Bobsleigh track - Fly down an Olympic class bob track!

  2. Aerodium - Really want to fly? Try Aerodium. Fans will make you fly like superman

  3. Cable car - Discover the awesome sights of the Gauja valley

  4. Bungee jumping - Extreme jumps for extreme people

  5. Cable car zipline - Fly along the cable car line!

  6. Trekking the trails - Many natural treks can be found in Sigulda

  7. Kayaking along the Gauja - A great way to see sand stone rocks and nature along the Gauja

  8. Visit Turaida castle - History in front of your eyes

  9. Visit Sigulda castle - Medieval ruins and grounds

  10. Visit Krimulda manaor and castle ruins - More ruins and Manor

  11. Visit Gutmanis cave - Loads of very old graffiti carved into a sandstone cave

How to get to Sigulda from Riga?

Its easy with regular trains, buses or a straight 1 hr drive from Riga. In our opinion train is the best option as its cheap and fast, with nice views and space to move around. If you plan to stay around a few days maybe a car or bicycle is a good option and you are free to take bikes on the train but you must buy a ticket for your two wheels!

Useful information when visiting Sigulda from Riga

Breath in, enjoy and relax. Sigulda is beautiful and so is the rest of Latvia. Check out the video below for some inspiration!


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