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Riga Marathon 2022

Get your running shoes on, Riga Marathon 2022 is coming to town!

Riga is a great city to run in. Green open spaces, parks, footpaths and a city that can easily be cleared of traffic to make way for a marathon route of varying lengths. The routes will pass by many of the top sights of Riga, including parks and green spaces, cross over bridges, pass along major boulevards and make use of the city of Riga as an entertaining and interesting route for your choice of marathon lengths. Sure the locals may be grumpy that they cannot reach their local supermarket or be able to drive out of their yards but it is for one day only and its a positive thing right? Who doesn't like a marathon?

When is the Riga Marathon 2022 going to take place?

From 14th - 15th May 2022 the Riga marathon will take place with

This year there will be 4 routes on offer during the Riga Marathon 2022

  • 5km

  • 10km

  • Half marathon

  • Full marathon

Riga Marathon 2022 charity

During registration the organisers are inviting participants to make a donation towards a children's hospital fund. This will help children with physical disabilities to be able to achieve their own personal goals. Please do support this cause if you participate. Many visitors to Riga may not be aware of the trouble that the Latvian health system faces and how hard it us for many to get the support they need at times of need. On the surface Riga is a rich city but behind the facades is major cracks in the infrastructure, right now in Latvia it was calculated that 23.4% of Latvia's inhabitants at risk of poverty in 2020, Read more here

So in short. If you are planning to run along the streets of Riga make sure to register in advance, help out the charity cause and have fun! If you find some time left in your schedule to join us along the streets of Riga for a slower paced walking tour, we will be operating as per usual during these dates. Fingers crossed we will be able to pass along the routes and not bump into all you runners out there!

More information on the Riga Marathon can be found here -


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