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Riga in midsummer

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Midsummer Riga
Most will leave Riga during midsummer but many tourists will be stuck in the city. What to do this year 2023?

Each year we get asked by tourists what is happening in Riga during midsummer? Yes, Riga can look like a zombie apocalypse at this time of year when most locals escape the hustle and bustle of Riga life to spread their pagan wings and find the fern flower in the forests and meadows of Latvia!

So what's it all about? Midsummer an ancient pagan fertility festival that dates back to the time before iPhones and facebook. In fact possibly one of the oldest celebrations that some cultures in Europe still follow to this day. Often called Jani or Ligo in Latvian, people will enjoy time in the nature with family and friends, drink beer and eat cheese as well as jumping over fires, singing songs and staying up all night.

When is this all happening? 23rd - 24th June is the main celebration that comes a couple of days after the summer solstice night - Yes midsummer is about the sun's cycle through our calendar and marks the longest day of the year.

And for you dear tourists what will you do? Well, Riga Free Tours have great city tours running during these dates for you to join but also many events will take place in Riga for you to enjoy!

See the link here below to find out how to get in the spirit of Riga midsummer! The event shown here is a traditional way to celebrate in Riga but see what other events the Live Riga (local city tourism) have on offer for locals and tourists alike!

Free public transport will be offered in Riga 23/24th June! More info below

For a list of events through the the week see below

Enjoy and have a happy midsummer in Riga!

Additionally: More info for events out of Riga below

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