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Easter in Riga

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Are you visiting Riga this easter? If you are looking at what to do in Riga this Easter we have a full schedule of events for you to enjoy!

  • 10:00 Every day - Old Town tour

  • 12:00 Fri & Sat - Old Town tour

  • 12:00 Every day - Alternative Riga tour

  • 15:00 Fri, Sat & Sun - Old Town tour

  • 15:00 Fri, Sat & Sun - Central Riga & Art Nouveau tour

Check the schedule for available slots here -

For this Easter 2023 we have added some extra tour slots for you to join on to such as Old Riga free tour at 10:00, 12:00 and 15:00

We also have a revamped tour for you all starting this Easter Friday - Central Riga & Art Nouveau which will combine both city life today as well as life from the early 1900's. This will be running on Friday, Saturdays and Sundays at 15:00 starting from now on throughout the summer.

And as always our famous Alternative tour will be enjoying walks through the market area and Moscow district at 12:00 daily.

We will be working every day throughout the easter with lots on offer for you to enjoy! Please, please do make sure to book your place so we can plan extra guides if needed!

Throughout Riga Easter will be taken very seriously with lots of events and shows on for you to enhoy across the city. Eggspect to see eggs everywhere and people enjoying swinging on giant wooden swings. Yes that is a big thing in Easter! Swinging!

Find out more about Easter in Riga below

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