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Riga in autumn - The grey days can be blue!

Riga is definitely a city affected by the seasons. All 4 seasons bring with them their positives and their negatives but for many, the brief window before winter comes, Autumn offers some of the best times to explore some of the lesser visited areas of the city.

Walking around some of the old working class areas such as Grīzinkalns you can find many older wooden houses left in a state of disrepair. The series of photos showcased in this post were actually taken back in the autumn of 2014 and even from looking at these we can see some changes in the city over the last years.

Many of the streets around Grīzinkalns in this time of year are quiet and peaceful.rough around the edges but still full of beauty.

Decorative elements from the Art Nouveau period are spattered between wooden

architecture, late 1890s classism and Soviet era town housing.

The wooden architecture that remains is a testimony to how before, most buildings beyond the old city were by law forced to be constructed from wood and this became the norm for many of the suburbs on the edge of the city in those times.

This nice example of wall art by one of the cities street artists sums up what we feel about autumn. Grey (Gray) Rainbow. Well on this particular day, blue skies made for a nice break from the usual low light we feel at this time of year. Get outside and stay positive folks!

1905 monument in Grīzinkalns park. A huge Soviet era monument to commemorate the demonstrations in Riga from 1905.

I am the Walrus... If anyone find this, send us a message!

Buy local!

We hope you enjoyed some of these photos from 6 years ago. Take care and spend your autumn in Riga wisely. Winter is coming!


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