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Riga free walking tour

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Our free walking tours in Riga are one of the best ways to explore the capital of Latvia with some of the best guides in the city. We offer 3 themes on the free tours in Riga, Old Riga, Alternative Riga and Art Nouveau Riga.

Each free walking tour of Riga covers different themes and subjects that we have been developing within our teams for years. Our enthusiasm to bring Riga's many faces to visitors keeps us constantly adjusting and amending our routes to make them up to date and to include contemporary subjects. We are sure that our free walks of Riga are engaging and delivered in a modern manner to keep

Below we will showcase some of the elements within each of our free walking tours of Riga to help you make your choice.

Old Riga free walking tour

The Old Riga free tour shows exactly that, the historic centre of Riga. We cover the history of the foundation of the city and the people who shaped it, nations who conquered it and how the Latvian nation was born.

This is the best possible tour for a first timer to Riga, compact, engaging and with a good overview of Riga. Once you have seen Old Riga you are ready to explore further a field and we are always surprised that many visitors thing Old Riga is the centre of Riga today. It is not the case and we invite you to join our Alternative tour to discover what is there beyond the Old town. Read more about the Riga old town free tour here

Alternative Riga free walking tour

The Alternative Riga free tour covers areas such as the central market with its large Zeppelin hangars. The old dock area, Science academy, Wooden houses and sites related to the Nazi occupation and persecution of Riga's once thriving Jewish community.

We pass on it Central Riga giving you a taste of areas that you will want to explore on your own. This tour does cover a lot of ground so you should be fully prepared to walk for around 2 1/2 hrs. Good shoes and appropriate clothing is suggested! This is the oldest longest running free walking tour in Latvia and has given thousands of visitors a different view from our beautiful yet sometimes deprived city. Read more about the Alternative Riga free tour here

Riga Art Nouveau free walking tour

The Art nouveau free walking tour in Riga is perfect for lovers of architecture, arts and the early 1900's. Riga has one of the Worlds largest collections to explore of Art Nouveau and having a background of why and how Riga became to have so many examples is as interesting as the buildings themselves.

This free walking tour is not for everyone but if you want to explore and discover the quiet centre of Riga, learn a little about art history and styles of the last century, then this can be a great opportunity to spend 2 hrs wandering the ornate and extravagant streets of the more upmarket parts of Riga. Read more about the Riga Art Nouveau Free Tour here

We highly appreciate all the feedback we get from our wonderful customers and try to take on board any ideas and suggestions you may have. If you think we need to improve or offer specific themes, please do reach out to us and we will see what we can do!

If you wish to book a tour with us you can do so here


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