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Riga Christmas Market

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

This years 2022 Riga Christmas Market is taking place in the Dome Square located in the heart of old RIga. Packed full of attractions, an awesome Christmas tree, music, stalls, hot food and drinks and more!

Riga Christmas Market
Riga Christmas market in full swing

The annual Christmas market in Riga is really in full swing this year after all the disruption during the pandemic... Did we just use the P word? Anyway moving on, it is truly so refreshing to see so many visitors enjoying the snow and Christmas Cheer, Riga is by far an awesome location to celebrate!

If you have decided to make Riga your winter getaway this year make sure to not miss out on what the city has to offer! And do not forget we will be running our Free Walking Tours of Riga throughout the festive season!

Christmas Market in Riga
Plenty on offer at the Riga Christmas Market

Lets be honest, Christmas is a wonderful time of year to visit Northern Europe, the winter is in full swing and the smells and sounds of the season fill the streets. The only down side is its so cold! And Riga can be hard to navigate in the colder months, staying outside can be a real challenge for many and this is why the warming drinks and roasting fires of Riga's Christmas market are so welcomed in this time of year.

Running throughout the days and evenings you can just rock up and enjoy what is on offer. There is snow on the ground as we write this article and to be honest after taking my son here over the weekend we feel that this is one of the better Christmas markets for atmosphere and food, drink, souvenirs on offer.

Hot drinks at the Riga Christmas market
Stay warm with hot drinks

There will be all activities running all the week long at the Christmas markets in Riga but also some special opening late hours over New years eve for example. Perfect for those of you coming to Riga on New years eve with no plans, you can simply take advantage of the atmosphere and cheer at the Riga Christmas market.

We remember some years ago when Riga was promoting and claiming to be home of the first decorated Christmas tree. And yes the city tourism board really did push this narrative with all year round Christmas tree displays! The date given to the first Christmas tree in Riga is 1510, said to have been erected in the Town hall square by the Order of Blackheads.... Now around the time that Riga was avowedly promoting Riga as the Birth place of Christmas tree, our neighbours to the North in Tallinn, Estonia had some rather interesting news of their own! They laid claim to the first decorated Christmas tree according to legend dating to 1441a whole 69 years before Riga's claim! Interestingly it is also claimed that the tree erected in Tallinn was also done by the Order of Blackheads. A powerful merchant group that asserted power throughout the Baltic region during the ages of the Hanseatic league.

magic Christmas
Magic at the Riga Christmas Market

The Riga Christmas market this year will be running from from November 27, 2022 through to January 2, 2023! A full list of the events and details about what's on can be found here - Riga Christmas Market website

There will be events in other locations too throughout Riga including Vermans Gardens and also in Esplanade where they have a big wheel and a rabbit garden. For sure it is well worth taking some time to follow the links above to get some info about the events during your visit to Riga.

From all of us at Riga Free Tours, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a big thank you for supporting our project over the years. With all the regional events of this year and the World the way it is these days, please do make sure to take time to reflect this Christmas and to help others who may need support more than ourselves. Have fun, take care and wrap up warm! Its cold outside!


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