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Riga cruise ship terminal

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

We see an influx of cruise ships docking at Riga port in 2022 and in fact this is the largest number of cruise ships in Riga port ever. Why? Well simply put the cruise liners are filling up the gap left by St. Petersburg, that in many cases has been cut off the destinations list due to the war in Ukraine. Bad news for St. Petersburg but good news for Riga. Well that is at least what we are told! Here are some tips, info and guide for you visiting Riga by cruise ship.

Where does my Cruise ship dock in Riga?

Well, if you are lucky then you will be docking right by the Old city of Riga where most cruise ships dock. Along the river side at Riga port, where berths for cruise ships up to a certain size can dock. From here you have a short walk to the old city, just follow the waterside under the suspension bridge until you come to a statue of Big Christopher ) a big fella with a baby on his shoulder) There you will find a pedestrian crossing that will lead you towards Riga castle and into the Old Town. If you are reaching St Peters church from the ship to join our Old Town free tour or Alternative free tour you will need about 30 mins to locate the meeting point

If you are on one of the huge cruise ships such as the Royal Caribbean, then sadly you most likely will be docking away from Old town around 12km and be ferried in by bus. That is the price for having such a large ship! You cant fit everywhere you want to! If you happen to be on one of the larger ships allow and hour to get from the boat to the start of our tours. We have had so many bookings not show up from Royal Caribbean clients that it causes problems for both clients and us. Plan your time wisely and dont book unless you know you have time to reach the meeting point.

CLICK HERE to see all the cruise docking schedule for Riga 2022. If your boat is located in KRS ( look on the far right column ) then you are docking away from Old Town, all other boats dock by the Old city. As far as we know these ships that dock away drop you off by bus close the river side where all the other ships dock.

How can I get to a Riga Free Walking Tour from Riga Cruise terminal?

If you are on a cruise ship in Riga that is docking by Old Town then I have made a map to help you reach the meeting point for our 10am and 12noon tours ( note: Our Art Nouveau tours start at the Latvian National Opera )

You simply need to walk under the suspension bridge ( the short A - B straight section on the map) until you see the statue of Big Christopher (A big wooden dude with a baby on his shoulder) Cross the main road here and follow the next A - B route to locate St Peters Church.

If you are not docking by Old Riga, then hopefully your ship will bus you in and drop you somewhere close to the river side. In this case the map is also relevant for you. Allow around 1hr to get on and in by bus and 20 mins or so to walk to the start points.

How suitable is Riga for walking around if you are elderly or physically challenged?

We always say where there is a will there is a way! However, Riga has many cobblestones and uneven streets that seem to cause issue for some cruise visitors. You need good footwear and be prepared that if its not Medieval street paving causing you grief then it may be uneven Soviet concrete panels! Riga is not the most comfortable city to navigate even for locals! Do not mention the trains here! You need to climb up 1 meter of steps just to board them! Well the locals pensioners here maybe are made of tougher cookies!

If you are considering joining our walks, bear in mind the groups are public and most guests are used to navigating such terrain. If you have mobility issues or would prefer a slower pace ask us for a private tour via email.

I am visiting only for one day should we join one of your free tours of Riga?

Of course you should join us! That is if your docking timing allows! Look at our booking page to see what we offer and when. If you arrive in Riga too late to join our regular tours contact us and ask for a private tour of Riga. We run Mon - Sun Old Town tours at 10:00, Fri - Sun 12:00 and Fri & Sat at 15:00. We have other tours too which may be of interest to you.

Please do make sure if you book with us that you will join the tour. We are currently having so many cruise ship clients book and then not show without notification. As a volunteer team it is becoming ever more demoralizing for the guides to await walking tour bookings that never arrive :(

I need Wi-Fi to read my emails and post all my super cool photos to Instagram, where can I do that in Riga?

You will find every cafe, restaurant, bar, shopping centre, public toilet - no wait, not there...... has Wi-Fi access. Riga is one of the most connected cities on the planet and for visitors as long as you buy a drink or snack, you can use the Wi-Fi... and the toilet too.

I missed my boat what should I do?

Relax and take a deep breath. You are in Riga and you probably could not be in a better place to stuck!


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