Raves in Riga

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

During the pandemic very few events have taken place (legally) but now with the QR code backed vaccine passes, organizers have been able to create events that are essentially vaccinated, tested, Covid free spaces. Well enjoy it whilst it lasts some say.

One of our team got his disco boots on, brushed off the camera lens and headed out to see what is a Rave in Riga like during these stranger than usual times. Guess what? It turns out that a few people showed up! Located in an Old Stalin era Airport in Riga (Spilve) this reuse of an old space certainly looks like they got something right! Check out the video for a better sense of a Pandemic era Rave in Riga!

Of course where there are parties and where there are raves there will also be illegal raves. In Riga, Latvia illegal raves are treated with a heavy hand by the police as was recently demonstrated during the lockdown period in Latvia. Check out the videos below for why it might be a better idea to go to an official organised event )

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