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Private walking tours of Riga

We are now happy to offer our high quality walking tours of Riga as a paid service for anyone who wishes to have one of the the best guides in Riga all for themselves!

Groups up to 20 people can now take advantage of a private walking tour of Riga starting at a time and location that suits your needs the best. We offer this service at a fixed rate of 100 euro no matter if you are 5, 10 or 20 participants. You pay for the guides time which allows you 2 hrs of care free guiding around the magnificent city of Riga.

So what kinds of tours can your expect for a fixed fee? Well to be honest we can provide a range of themes your group may be interested in. From the traditional Old Riga, Art nouveau, Central Market and our well know Alternative tour or for something less common like Riga's left bank or Street art tour of the city.

All you need to do is go to our service page for a Walking tour of Riga fill in the details and await our approval for your selected time. We hope to be able to confirm within the hour for tours in advance but if you want a last minute booking you may be better to sign up onto the next public free walking tour that we offer.

Our free walking tours of Riga have been running for many years now and have gained not only a well rounded reputation amongst tourism leaders but have also been voted time after time as the nr.1 activity in Riga and Latvia. With so many guests choosing our services we offer and with more and more of you asking for private guides we have decided to opt for the fixed rate system for those of you who want one of guides all tour yourselves. This does not mean we dont run the free walking tours any more, oh no! These are here to stay and we expect to keep adding more and more time slots and themes for these too.

If you have any questions regarding other private tour services in Riga, bikes, boats or whatever you have seen online then it is highly possible that we may be able to offer the same service to you at a lower rate than the big websites. Why? Because many of the major platforms people are booking with take huge commissions from tour operators that many then pass on to you the customer. Go direct, book direct and lets help small business grow together.

Thanks for you time and we wish you a fantastic tour season this summer 2022.


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