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Free public transport in Riga

Explore Riga with bus, trolley bus or tram. All

for free!

Free public transport is offered in Riga on the 31st December and 1st January during the New year's celebrations. What a freat gift the city has on offer for all inhabitants and visitors alike!

This is your perfect way to explore Riga during the coming weekend and New years eve, allowing you to reach some of the lesser seen corners of Riga by bus, tram or trolley bus.

Free transport in Riga could be a life saver on 1st January when many places will be shut and you could simply ride some trams from one side of Riga to another to see what is beyong the usual tourist areas and see what Riga is really like.

Yes old Riga is beautiful but using public transport you could visit somewhere like Bolderaja to walk along the beach or Mezaparks to visit the forest and stroll by the lake.

I understand that free parking in the city parking spots will also be offered during these dates as well so take advantage of the rare occasion to save some pennies!

More info on free public transport in Riga can be found here

Info on some New years events can be found here

Whatever you do this New years eve in Riga enjoy and stay safe!

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