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Beer price in Riga - How much does a beer cost in Riga, Latvia?

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Continuing with our theme of the cost of living in Riga we decided to have a closer look at local beer prices in Riga!

Latvians love beer! This is a well known fact and beer is deeply rooted in the local culture. Since independence more and more local breweries are popping up across Latvia. There is one thing that many of us are interested in when travelling and that is the price of local beer in Riga! Local Latvian beers are growing in popularity amongst travelers who like to get to know their latest destination through taste, smell and experience. A question that we are always being asked is how much does beer cost in Riga? The short answer is prices vary from shop to bar and place to place! Gone are the days of super cheap beers in bars in Riga but you can definitely find some good quality, good priced craft beers around the city!

Prices shown in this article are an indication and may change over time. This article is written 2021.

Interested in a Craft Beer Tour of Riga?

The price of beer in a shop Riga

Supermarkets, alcohol outlets and specialist stores across Riga serve the general public until 10pm (worth noting if you plan a late night party). The range of beer prices in cans and bottles from the lowest end, start at around 0,50 cents a can. Now you might not want to get too carried away as usually these lower end beers are nothing to really shout out about! We have seen many a tourist proudly buying the bottom shelf beers and to be honest, good luck! We do not recommend them!

A normal beer in a bottle (important to note, bottled beers are usually much tastier in Latvia than cans!) lets take Tervetes as a good example of a Latvian brand would cost you between 1 - 2 euro (the lowest being on a special offer and the higher price found in more select stores). 1,5 euro, that's a good bench mark. You probably will find in supermarkets a wide range of classical style Latvian beers but these days you will also find a lot of craft beers at a price range 2 - 4 euro. Well worth it for the more adventurous beer connoisseurs out there. Regular supermarket's like Rimi and Maxima have a wide range of Latvian craft beers and each year the range gets bigger an bigger. They are usually found away from the classical breweries and on display with their own shelf.

The price of beer in a bar in Riga

Bars and beer prices in Riga differ from place to place and Old Riga tends to be more expensive than other areas due to being a touristic center. Expect to pay around 3 - 5 euro per 0,5 liter beer around Old Riga. But why on earth would you be drinking in Old Riga? It is not where most of the locals drink these days and when the tourists are in town, it is well, not a place you would find the most desirable of drinkers! The beer gardens of Old Riga really do inflate beer prices to Scandinavian proportions. Yes you have the brew with a view

Head out to Central Riga and find beer prices from 2,5 - 4 euro, discover bars with less foreign beer selections and more focus on local brews from the traditional to the craft beer scene that has exploded in the past years.

Where are the best bars in Riga?

Escape the Old Town and head out to Central Riga or cross the bridge and venture to Pardaugava! New bars and areas to enjoy yourself have popped up all over Riga! Make sure to explore and find the locals.

The Riga Free Tour team has created an interactive google map for you to use during your stay, here you will find our favourite bars and places to eat across the city. we try to update the list and make sure to check the locations are open before you visit them as during these times, some places may have changed their working hours. Click Here to See our selection

Please enjoy yourself in Riga and if you do drink make sure to drink responsibly

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