Baltic Pride 2021 in Riga this August

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

The 2021 Baltic Pride will take place in Riga starting on August 2 through to August 7. The slogan of the event is “until we are all equal" with the focus on creating a society that is inclusive of all minority groups, no matter of sexual orientation, race, nationality, gender or identity.

It is planned for a series of events to take place during the dates of the Baltic Pride and these will be conducted according to the possibilities allowed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For current and upto date information you can follow the twitter account or check out the Facebook page

This year has seen 2 major supporters for the event. Both Swedbank and TVnet Group have backed the Baltic Pride, which is a major step towards achieving recognition and support that the LGBTQ+ community in the Baltic region needs. For many it is well known that the in the Baltic region LGBTQ+ rights, recognition and acceptance is one of the lowest in the EU. This can be seen in many post Soviet countries where there is not much openness to even discuss the situation.

Equality for all should be the corner stone of any society. No matter who you are.

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